ID Station Biometric Passport Photo System

Corner your market with the ID Station featuring ICAO Biometric Software Technology. By running each photo through over 80 specification tests, ID Station automatically determines if the photo will be suitable for a passport. This is done all before the photo is printed to reduce wastage. A compliance certificate can be printed off and submitted with the passport application to reduce photo rejections or the photo can be uploaded via the web for countries such as New Zealand who have support for online passport submissions.

Suitable for most international passports and many ID photos in Australia, your opportunities are endless with ID Station. Most passport systems are provided with everything you need to get set up, including camera, printer, backdrop, lighting and information on government regulations.

Reduce Rejections

ID Station checks each photo against over 80 ICAO benchmarks to ensure it’s compliant with the e-Gate passport systems. The “Approved” compliance certificate can then be printed off instantly with the photo reducing the risk of rejection when submitting their passport application.

Complete Solution

Brands Australia offers the ID Station as a “Business in a Box” turn-key solution for all Passport and ID Photos. Complete with D-SLR camera, Tablet PC, ICAO software, high speed printer, backdrop, slave flash and a range of point-of-sale, this is the complete solution for your business.

165 Countries Available

Passport Photo

You’re no longer limited to just Australian passport photos, with 165 countries available on the Premium ID Station, there are almost no limits to the type of ID photos you can product. As ID Station is a digital system, Brands Australia can also push through software updates and add in the most commonly requested countries.

How it Works


ID station is fast
Other ID printers are slow, up to 60 seconds per print. ID station prints in only 12 seconds. The entire ID photo process from capture to print can take less than two minutes in real-life retail situations.
Foreign countries
With over 165 country templates available, you’ll be able to provide Passport photos for most major nationalities. Our ongoing updates continually add support for the most requested countries from our customers.
Save ID photos to disc, USB
By saving ID photos, ID station offers the ability to reprint Passport Photos for customers if they require more at a later time. This reduces the work required for returning customers and improves overall workflow.
E-mail or upload ID photos
With many passport now having an online application process, ID Station can connect via wifi to government portals and upload the biometric approved image straight from the device or email the photo back to the customer.
Many countries require a different colour background, if your store isn’t equipped with multiple backdrops, ID station can improve or completely change the colour of the background to suit certain country requirements.
ICAO Compliance Certificate
ID station checks each photo against over 80 ICAO compliance measurements. The images is automatically rotated and resized to meet the passport requirements, if the photo does not meet these requirements it will not be printed.
Wireless Image Transfer
With the included Eye-Fi wireless SD card, there’s no need to plug in cables, simply take the photo and it automatically gets send to the ID Station for processing.
Receive a full volume report on the activity of ID station in your Email periodically. This includes logging of operator activities and errors but also total number of prints, type of prints, number of copies etc.
Order number
ID station prints a date and unique order number on the ID photos.
Create almost any ID Photo
With hundreds of templates and configurations, ID Station can create ID photos for almost anything, including passports, working with children, forklift license, taxi license, and many more.

Service & Support

We’re here to help your store get the most from the ID Station, that’s why every ID Station comes complete with installation in your store and comprehensive personal training on how to use the hardware and government passport photo regulations. All of our customers receive ongoing phone support and assistance to ensure their system is always operating to its full potential. ID Station hardware comes with a minimum 12 month warranty, and for a small fee you can arrange a Premium Service Agree which which can entitle you to ongoing direct hardware replacement and in-store support after your initial warranty period.
Being a completely digital system, ID Station has the ability to connect to your in-store WiFi, where we will be able to provide remote assistance and update your ID Station software automatically. All of this is free of charge as part of our ongoing commitment to your success.

Find out more

Contact us here if you would like a Brands Australia representative to discuss the features and benefits of owning an ID Station Biometric Passport Photo System.

Brands Australia is the leader in passport photo imaging boasting over 30 years of experience in supplying to the passport photo market. As members of the Biometric Institute of Australia we’re always keeping in touch with government organisations to ensure we’re on the cutting edge of passport photo technology. Our staff have a lifetime of knowledge and will support your business every step of the way to ensure your success in the ID & Passport Photo market.

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