ID Station Photomatic

ID Station Photomatic

The fastest and most reliable, easy-to-use system in the world! No batteries, no wireless network, no bluetooth, no SD cards. It’s all fixed and finished.

Photomatic mode
Users do not have to operate or understand the camera. They only have to tab the sceen while the Photomatic mode controls and operates the camera. It’s a unique feature that ensures constant quality no matter who is operating the system.

Reliable and fast
ID station Photomatic is a wired and “closed” system. Pictures are transferred from the camera directly into the tablet. No taking out memory cards or wireless connection that may be slow or unreliable. It always works. Very fast. Camera and tablet operate on AC power, so no batteries nor needing to charge anything. ID station Photomatis is designed to be 100% reliable.

Minimize hassle and rejections
Biometric passports require passport photos that meet the strict ICAO specifications. ID station software features a compliance check. It will check every ID photo before it is printed. For any country. Minimize rejections with ID station.

Make more money
ID station will maximize your profits. The paper size is 4×6″ (10x15cm) allowing 6 or 8 passport photos to be printed on one sheet. It also lets you print special templates, portrait photos or combinations. Print the ICAO certification and add it to the passport photo sale. Save and email the ID photo for on-line applications such as VISA applications, renewal services and on-line subscription services.

The ID station Photomatic is very fast. Pictures are read from the camera using the USB conection which is very fast. Printing time for a set of passport photos is just about 10 seconds. ID station Photomatic is the fastest ID photo system in the world!

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