ID Station

Biometric technology with ICAO compliant software

ID station is a wireless passport photo system designed for retail. It will maximize your profits and it will minimize hassle and rejections. Most of all, ID station makes taking ID photos easy. No need to carefully position the camera when taking the pictures. Just point and shoot! The biometric software will automatically process the captured image into a perfectly aligned passport photo. For any country!

ID station is wireless! It comes with a very fast and relibale WiFi controller. Connect your camera (Nikon or Canon) to the WiFi controller and shoot. Every captured image is automatically sent to the ID station.

Very easy
ID station is designed for retail. Even without photographic skills staff can make ICAO compliant passport photos. The software contains all necessary data to process a captured image into a perfect passport or visa photo. For any country.

Minimize hassle and rejections
Biometric passports require passport photos to meet the strict ICAO specifications. ID station software features a compliance check. It will check every ID photo before it is printed. For any country. Minimize rejections with ID station.

The ID station is fast. Time to process and print a set of passport photos is approx. 13 seconds.

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Brands Australia is the leader in passport photo imaging boasting over 30 years of experience in supplying to the passport photo market. As members of the Biometric Institute of Australia we’re always keeping in touch with government organisations to ensure we’re on the cutting edge of passport photo technology. Our staff have a lifetime of knowledge and will support your business every step of the way to ensure your success in the ID & Passport Photo market.

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