SelfID is an ID station for self-service, designed for retail, companies, universities and their semi-unattended environments. The software has been redesigned, making it very easy for anyone to take their own passport photo. The biometric engine of the ID station will process every picture automatically into a perfect passport photo.

SelfID can be configured to support free operation (for companies) or support payment (for retail) using access codes on tickets. These tickets can be sold at the cash register or service desk. SelfID allows printing, saving and/or emailing the ID photo automatically without user intervention. For companies the software supports entering an ID code such as an employee code or membership code for saving and emailing the ID photo.

SelfID is a very compact solution for taking official passport photos. It includes a camera, lights, printer and touch screen operation all built into a small friendly designed pedestal. It requires very little floor space. Perfect for retailers wanting to offer a passport photo service.

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Brands Australia is the leader in passport photo imaging boasting over 30 years of experience in supplying to the passport photo market. As members of the Biometric Institute of Australia we’re always keeping in touch with government organisations to ensure we’re on the cutting edge of passport photo technology. Our staff have a lifetime of knowledge and will support your business every step of the way to ensure your success in the ID & Passport Photo market.

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